The Queen’s Mill Water Wheel Restoration – Open Day Presentations

The Queen’s Mill in Castleford, West Yorkshire was once the world’s largest  stone grinding flour mill, turning twenty pairs of mill stones . The present water wheel was built in 1884 and is a 20 foot diameter piece of iron and timber Victorian engineering, large for its type and with high efficiency features. It was so efficient in fact that it remained operating until the early 1970s.”

The water wheel is now being preserved from decay, documented and restored to heritage standards. At Queen’s Mill open days this year (2nd May, and 11th July), Blushful Earth will be presenting about the science, engineering and efficiency features of the wheel, its history and how this relates to the history of Castleford, and the restoration project.

Presentation 1, from May: [1]

Sole plate of Queen's Mill Water Wheel

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