Blushful Earth Handmade create hand woven scarves, willow baskets and plantable stationery from eco-friendly materials. Everything is carefully and individually crafted by hand to the highest standards of quality. We grow or source our materials from local suppliers.

About us:

Hello, my name is Karen Rollinson. I live in Brough, Caithness in the Highlands of Scotland with my husband Andrew, daughter Joy, and dog Nellie.

I started making eco-friendly stationery products in 2015 because I wanted to try and reduce the environmental impact of the stationery industry. I also believe that using recycled and natural materials creates products that are far more beautiful. In 2019, we moved from Yorkshire to the Highlands to further reduce our impact on the environment and live off-grid on our croft.

Since moving to Caithness I have now started weaving willow baskets from willow grown on our own, and neighbouring, crofts. After making my first basket I discovered that I loved weaving and therefore bought a loom and began weaving scarves as well as baskets. All scarves that I make are made from 100% pure British wool, or cotton. The wool is from either Yorkshire or the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. It is locally sourced from the community of Brough Caithness where possible, and we hope to be spinning our own wool in the near future from sheep in Brough and Dunnet.

We will be offering short courses for both basketry and scarf weaving very soon.

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