The Importance of Nourishing the Bees and the Environment

Bees are essential to the survival of the human race. The food that we eat is due in some way or another to the bees. Plants depend upon the pollination of the bees, in order to grow, breed and bare food. The bees therefore need protection, not only for their own sake, but for our own.

Although we depend upon bees, the human race is slowly causing their extinction. Climate change, pesticides and the removal of their habitats is amounting to their decline. Climate change effects the bees, as the rising climate forces the bees to move to cooler climate, and it also creates an irregularity to their pollination, being that flowers are growing faster and thus producing pollen earlier than usual. Pesticides is an intense form of exterminating insects and pests from crops. When bees are exposed to these chemicals, their central nervous system is disturbed, and they lose their ability to navigate back to their home, and go into a state of shock. It is no longer enough to become aware of the decline in the bee population, but we have to consciously act in order to protect them.

There are known to be 25,000 types of bees*, and 10 different types of bees in a single hive. There is the most common bumble bee and the honey bee. The former pollinates and fertilises plants, allowing them to produce fruit. The former, as the name suggests, collects nectar and pollen to which they then use to produce honey. And there are also sweet bees which pollinate wildflowers and crops. But these are just some of the most common bees, and there are endless more. However this may not be for much longer. Already since 1900, the UK has lost 13 species of bee, and a further 35 are considered under threat of extinction. 

Each in our own way can protect the bees. We can reduce our impact on the environment, buy organically, and create nourishing and safe gardens were the bees can life. And we can encourage other to do the same.

We have created a way in which you can encourage those you know to ‘save the bees’, and also thank them for celebrating your special day. Our wildflower seed favours contain either wildflower seed paper hearts, or seeds from the bees favorite plants. All your guests have to do is plant the seeds or hearts, water, and nourish the bees. It is a great way to thank you guests, and also help the bees.

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Blog by Joy Rollinson