Plantable Favours


‘Watch our Love Grow’ Range

We offer many different designs of our ‘Watch our Love Grow’ favours. These favours are made from a selection of recycled papers, and enclosed inside are small plantable hearts made from wildflower seed paper. Guests plant, water and watch your love grow*.

Each envelope is made from recycled paper (a variety are available – please contact for more details). The envelopes are hand-cut. The envelopes measure 6cm x 6cm.

We offer a bespoke design service for all of our favours. They are customised with your names, wedding date plus any other information you require (subject to space). The option for the ‘Watch our Love Grow’ text is option. Below are a few examples of our range. Each design can be custom made through our bespoke service to match your flowers, colours and themes of your wedding.

* Due to the nature of the handmade papers the final products may vary in distribution of the featured grass and/or seeds.

All prices start from £0.85

Image of Favours (Mass)


Thistle print favours image

Scottish Thistle Meadow

Singluar Thistle

Scottish Thistle

Mass Floral Watch our Love Grow Favour

Wildflower Meadow

Plain black and white wildflower favours

Just Text Option

Grean Meadow Favour

Other Wildflower and Herb Designs


Simple Plantable Favour

Recycled Confetti Paper

Maroon Favour

Wildflower Meadow with Butterflies


Daisy Plantable Favour

Daisy Print – Images/Artwork by:

Watch Our Love Grow Rustic

Rustic Design

Watch Our Love Grow Red

Clover plantable favourClover and Horseshoe Print

Confetti favourConfetti Print

Snowflake favourSnowflake Print

Gaelic wording thistle favourGaelic wording with Thistle Print

Red Heart Design

Bee Front FavourBee Reverse Image

Bee Favours. Contains wildflower seeds or seed hearts to plant and nourish the bees. Available in butterflies.

Christmas/Winter ‘Watch our Love Grow’ Range


Holly Plantable Favour

Holly Design

Christmas Tree Plantable Favours

Winter Wonderland with plantable herb seed trees

Other Designs

The Perfect BlendThe Prefect Blend 2

Coffee Favours. Each favour envelope is handmade from recycled coffee paper. Inside you ideally need to fill with 13g of coffee beans. All your guests have to do is grind the beans for the best flavour – medium for cafetiere, fine for filter and extra fine for espresso. Size: 8cm x 10cm.



Children Plantable Favour

‘Watch our Family Grow’