Recycled paper heart confetti

Biodegradable recycled heart confetti

Complete with handmade envelopes
Fully customised
Various colours available

Each envelope contains approx. 100 pieces of hand punched heart confetti

Size hearts: 1cm x 1cm
Size envelopes: 10cm x 7.5cm
Colour: various
Paper: various from 120gsm- 180gsm ALL RECYCLED

Pink and white confetti  Recycled pink and white paper hearts in recycled white paper envelopes

Blue and purple confettiRecycled denim and purple paper hearts in recycled white envelopes

white and petal confetti

Recycled white paper with marigold, larkspur, and
cornflower petals in recycled grass paper envelopes.

Price: Envelope with confetti £1.50

Envelope only 85p each

Confetti only 85p (approx. 100 hearts)