Luxury Range

Made from 100% recycled handmade paper

Our luxury range is made using a selection of stunning handmade papers. Available in two patterns: ‘Splendour, and ‘Lotus Eye’ Each invitation comes complete with a handmade pouch in the design of a purse, with room for extra inserts to be added. The invitation is a flat design with coordinating strip to match the pouch. RSVP can be added to the invitation or can be made as a seperate insert.

Price starts at £3.00

  1. Red and Gold (Code:SR01)
  2. Teal, Silver and Gold (Code:SR02)
  3. Purple and Gold (Code:SR03)


16996377_1804588279863534_2763440543953680452_nPurple and Gold

16938900_1804588316530197_330194376276456366_nTeal, Silver and Gold


16998142_1804588513196844_2458758637121209505_nLotus Eye
  1. Pink, Purple and Red (Code:LE01)
  2. Blue, Turquoise and gold (Code:LE02)
  3. White, Gold, Silver and Beige (Code:LE03)
  4. Gold, Teal, Aubergine and Lime Teal (Code:LE04)
  5. Purple, Burgandy, Gold and Blue (Code:LE05)



17022216_1804588756530153_3779512300259218558_nPink, Purple and Red

16996477_1804588696530159_2183974773131927080_nBlue, Turquoise and gold