Love Lock Tradition

Love Lock Tradition



The love lock tradition is believed to have originated from ancient China. Symbolising love and commitment. A couple lock a padlock to a public object, often a bridge, and throw away the key to symbolise unbreakable love.

The most famous of these bridges where the locks can be seen is Pont Des Art bridge in Paris, France. I was lucky enough to see a much smaller version for the first time this year, at the Ajuy  caves in Fuerteventura.  But they can be seen all over the world.  However, due to the popularity some bridges are now becoming damaged due to the weight of the thousands of padlocks.

So why not incorporate the love lock into your wedding stationery?

Introducing our NEW love lock range

Our new range of save the dates offer a couple of options. Separate lock and key, or locking the padlock version.

Kraft brown love lock save the date

Gold love lock save the date

As always made from recycled card. You can choose different  colour combinations too.

Size 10cm x 8cm

Complete with C6 envelope

Price £1.00 each.

This design can also be used for invitations. Do get in touch to discuss this option further.