Author: karen

Planning a vegan friendly and sustainable wedding (part 1)

Not only have we featured in Katie’s blog its a fantastic read for anyone planning a vegan friendly and sustainable wedding. Being vegans and running a sustainable ‘Eco friendly’ business we think it’s a good read. Please read: Looking forward to part two.  

Adoption of Timtom

We are delighted to announce that we have adopted Timtom a 4 year old orangutan. If you would like to support the Orangutan Foundation you can do so directly through them, or Born Free organisation Help us support the Oranguatan Foundation more by purchasing one of our cards. All proceeds will go directly …

Love Lock Tradition

Love Lock Tradition   The love lock tradition is believed to have originated from ancient China. Symbolising love and commitment. A couple lock a padlock to a public object, often a bridge, and throw away the key to symbolise unbreakable love. The most famous of these bridges where the locks can be seen is Pont …